About Us

Northern Illinois Pickleball Mission Statement: 

To support and promote Pickleball in Northern Illinois through effective publicity and education by creating a variety of opportunities for participation. 

Board of Directors 
  • President: Leigh Ann Heidemann 
  • Treasurer: Pat Freed 
  • Athletic Director: Tammy Dean 
    • Lessons/Clinics: Margaret Moore
    • Leagues: John Freed 
    • Tournaments: Dave Heidemann 
  • Marketing/Publicity: Carol Wilke 
  • Recording Secretary: Open 
  • Website: Jennifer Selchow 

Code of Conduct:  
  • Please be polite to all players and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • Please do not discrimiate against any player due to his or her age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, or skill level.
  • Please avoid criticizing your partner or players on the opposing team.
  • Please control your anger. This applies to anger towards yourself and towards others.
  • If you hit a ball into the next court, call "BALL" loudly so the other team will stop play to prevent injuries.
  • When returning an out ball to the server, please return it with courtesy.
  • Use entry and exit locations that are least disruptive to courts in use. If you must pass through a court to access another court, wait until play stops and hurry through to minimize disruption of play.
  • When all the courts are in use and players are waiting for an opportunity to play, please come off of the court quickly when your game is over so others can begin play.
  • Keep it fun for everyone!