Do you want your Illinois tournament listed on this site? Only tournaments that take place in Illinois will be posted; exceptions are USAPA Nationals and USAPA Regionals. 

Please send us an email with a link to a specific web page for your tournament. If you do not have a web page, please send all of your information in a PDF format. Your PDF flyer must include a website or a contact person that includes phone number and email address.Your tournament will be listed on the tournament page and the calendar. Tournaments are no longer be listed on the homepage of this site, they are only listed on the tournament page. After running this site for nine years, I need to reduce my daily and weekly posting and maintenance. Tournaments that follow the format listed below here will continue  to be listed on the tournament page and the calendar. 

Follow the Five Ws Format: 
  1. Who
    1. Events - Doubles: MD, WD, MX; Singles: MS & WS
    2. List any age restrictions (must be 18, etc)
    3. List age categories (35+, 55+, 60+, 65+)
  2. What - Tournament name
  3. When - Dates and times
  4. Where - Name, address, and phone number of facility
  5. Why / How  - Registration link and tournament director's email address and phone number
Due to the growth of pickleball, and high volume of requests, tournaments that do not follow this format will not be posted. 

Playing Pickleball


Please see the Clubs page for pickleball clubs in Illinois.

Places 2 Play

If you are looking for places to play (parks or indoor facilities), please use Please do not contact me looking for play, contact the park district in the city in which you are looking for pickleball. This is a more effective method to find players.

USAPA Ambassadors

I am based out of Rockford, IL; If you are looking for pickleball outside of Rockford, please contact a USAPA Ambassador in your area. 


Northern Illinois Pickleball is a non-profit group through the Rockford Park District Foundation

Contact Us

This website was founded in 2010. I volunteer my time to run it; I also have a full-time, and a part-time job. So, if you have a request, it may be a few days before it is fulfilled.