Rockford Area Pickleball Lessons

Beginner Pickleball Lessons

Beginner pickleball lessons are taught by PPR Certified Pro, Jenn Selchow. Four total classes held on Sunday afternoons at the outdoor pickleball courts at Belvidere Park. Each class is two hours long.

  • Who: Anyone 16+ that wants to learn pickleball. No prior sport history is required to take these classes.
  • When: All classes are on Sundays; see date options at the time of registering.
  • Time: All classes are held 4-6 p.m.
  • Where: Belvidere Park, 1006 W Lincoln Ave, Belvidere, IL 61008
  • Courts: The courts are next to the pool and basketball courts. 
  • Cost: $65 per person
  • Payment: Please fill out the form to register for the class dates of your choice. You will be prompted for payment via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may pay by credit card.
  • Curriculum: Rules, serving, dinking, forehand and backhand, return of serve, third shot, swinging volley, lobs with an emphasis on defending and safety, and overheads

What to Bring to Pickleball Lessons

  • Clothing: Please wear something comfortable and stretchy to class. Please do not wear jeans. 
  • Shoes: Please wear tennis shoes or court shoes. Running  shoes and walking shoes are discouraged due to increased injury risk. Sandals are prohibited.
  • Water: Hydration is important, please bring a water bottle. 
  • Recommended: A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel,  and a chair for breaks.

What to Expect at Pickleball Lessons

  • Class Size: Class sizes are small with a maximum of eight students. This allows for personalized attention so you aren't lost in the shuffle.
  • Equipment: Paddles and balls are provided.
  • Players: You can expect to meet other players of similar skill level, and make new friends.
  • Exercise:
    • Light cardio to warm your muscles (5-10 minutes)
    • The day's pickleball curriculum
    • Cool down stretching 

Pickleball Paddles

  • Paddles: All paddles and balls are provided at lessons.
  • Demo paddles: Demo paddles are available during lessons, so please do not purchase a paddle before class. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a cheap paddle on Amazon, only to end up replacing it the very next month. 
  • Purchasing a paddle is like buying a pair of shoes. You try the shoes on before you buy them. A paddle is the same in this regard - play with a paddle before you purchase it. 

About the Instructor

Jenn Selchow learned to play pickleball in high school P.E. class. She picked the sport up again in 2009 when Rockford experienced a movement to grow the sport in the Forest City. In 2010, she founded Northern Illinois Pickleball which is a non-profit through the 
Rockford Park District Foundation

Jenn has instructed countless people over the last decade and enjoys getting people off their couch and on an active lifestyle journey.  She decided to take instruction to the next level and became a Certified Pro through the
Professional Pickleball Registry. Jenn is available for private, semi-private, and group pickleball lessons.  

Belvidere Park