September 16 - 17, 2017
Pickleball On The Rock

Round Robin Skill Based Tournament
$50 for both events
Ball: Onix Pure 2 Indoor

Tournament Director:
Derek Papich, 815.987.8881

UW Health Sports Factory
305 S. Madison St.
Rockford, IL 61104

Registration fee of $50 includes Men's/Women's & Mixed Doubles. If you are playing Mixed Doubles only, the cost is $30. Tournament shirts given to participants registered by August 30th.

 $$$ Cash Prizes $$$
 Cash for 1st and 2nd place in all events.
1st place will be awarded $100 per team.
2nd place will be awarded $50 per team.

Click the links to register for:
Men'sWomen's & Mixed
Each player must fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee before your team is confirmed.
Please use the Registration Codes when registering.

Registration Codes
Men's Doubles
239202-01 for 3.0 Men's Doubles
239202-02 for 3.5 Men's Doubles
239202-03 for 4.0 Men's Doubles
239202-04 for 4.5 Men's Doubles
239202-05 for 5.0 Men's Doubles

Women's Doubles
239203-01 for 3.0 Women's Doubles
239203-02 for 3.5 Women's Doubles
239203-03 for 4.0 Women's Doubles
239203-04 for 4.5 Women's Doubles
239203-05 for 5.0 Women's Doubles

Mixed Doubles
239204-01 for 3.0 Mixed Doubles
239204-02 for 3.5 Mixed Doubles
239204-03 for 4.0 Mixed Doubles
239204-04 for 4.5 Mixed Doubles
239204-05 for 5.0 Mixed Doubles

Do you need a partner for the tournament?
Please contact Derek Papich.

Event start times will be announced the week of the tournament. Start times will be determined by bracket sizes.

Event Date & Time
Men's Doubles 
MD 3.0
MD 3.5
MD 4.0
MD 4.5
MD 5.0
Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Women's Doubles 
WD 3.0
WD 3.5
WD 4.0
WD 4.5
WD 5.0
Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Mixed Doubles  
MX 3.0
MX 3.5
MX 4.0
MX 4.5
MX 5.0
Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
Time TBD
UW Health Sports Factory

State-of-the-art facility with 
12 pickleball courts & wheeled nets!
UW Health Sports Factory

• 2nd floor @ UW Health Sports Factory
• Full menu with gluten-free options
• Full bar with craft beer

We are looking for volunteers!
Please contact Jenn Selchow.
Tournament supported provided by: