PlayTime Scheduler for Pickleball

Are you looking for a pick-up game of pickleball? We no longer use a calendar with generic dates and times because that method doesn't insure that people will actually be on the courts. The PlayTime Scheduler website allows us to set up play times and locations in the Rockford area and players can RSVP to the times that work for them.

Anyone with a free account can set up a PlayTime!

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to PlayTime Scheduler

  1. It is completely free!

  2. No need to exchange personal information with other players on the courts.

  3. No more mass text messages! No programming multiple phone numbers into your phone.

  4. No more mass emails! No need to find out who is the keeper of the email list.

  5. No more social media groups! Many people don't use social media.

  6. Any player can create a playtime session.

  7. You can RSVP to an existing playtime, and see who else has RSVP'd and their skill levels.

  8. Once a playdate has 4 players the website will email you to let you know the playdate is a GO!

  9. If you have a paid account, you can set up recurring dates and times.

  10. If you travel, you can use this website to see when and where people are playing.

Create Your FREE Account

Please create a free account and choose Rockford as your home area. All court locations are saved in the database.

PlayTime Scheduler Website